Thursday, November 22, 2012


After spending a week a part from my husband Brent Buie, I have grown to love him even more. He drove down for Thanksgiving today (his only day off of work) and I realized more today than I ever had just how lucky I am to have him in my life. He is my rock. He is my chef who prepares all of our meals. He takes care of me when I'm sick. He makes out our grocery lists and looks up healthy recipes. He takes the time to play with the dogs in the backyard. He gets down on the floor and wrestles with them. He even lets them lick him all over (yuck!) ;)

 He is my best friend who makes me laugh constantly. He impresses me with his knowledge of history, sports and well, basically all things. (He really needs to go on Jeopardy.) He writes me sweet notes all the time and texts me throughout the day. He brings me home surprises from work just because he knows I needed a smile that particular day. He encourages me spiritually and challenges me to actually USE my Christian Studies degrees. He seriously knows more about the Bible than I ever could have learned in those four years of school. He's constantly teaching me new words and phrases and of course the origin of where they came from. :) He encourages me to pursue my dream.

Brent Buie, you are my rock and I am so thankful that you are in my life. 

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