Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Melissa's shower

Melissa and I have been friends since we were young, like 2nd grade young! We grew up going to church together, then in 6th grade we started going to the same school. She has always been such a kind and generous person to me. She always thinks of others before herself. Even when I was a part of her wedding a few years ago, she was so concerned with all her bridesmaids even on her special day. She really is one of the most selfless people I know. Melissa and David are expecting their first baby girl, Emma Kate, next month so now is the time for us to spoil them!

Saturday morning several of Melissa's good friends threw her a baby shower at my mom's house. We divided up tasks and conquered! This was actually my first baby shower that I was in charge of. I really don't like telling people what to do, but if you don't delegate then you just end of doing everything yourself and that's no fun.

I got a lot of ideas off Pinterest (of course), like the donut tower. Seriously, how simple is that? You just pile up white powered donuts in a pyramid shape and garish with some pretty flowers. Simple & practical yet still pretty enough for an elegant shower. The drinks were my mom's doings. She kept glass baby bottles from when my older brothers and myself were babies - so yes, they are 30 something years old. She uses them over and over for showers. I think they are brilliant! Use them with oj, lemonade, mimosas or punch and fun straws!  Petit fours are a must for any Southern baby shower. Instead of a fruit platter, we did fruit kabobs. Again, so simple and colorful!

Mom did the centerpiece with the adorable baby dress. 
I think it might have been Melissa's favorite part! ;)

 And if you haven't had mini quiches from SAMS, you haven't lived. No these aren't homemade but who cares when they taste this good. (I'm going from memory here since I haven't eaten one since 2007- not gluten free)

 The entry table and guest book. I found this little foxy guy on Melissa's Pinterest page. The second I saw that she had pinned it, I ordered it. Melissa's last name is FOX. How appropriate, huh?? How ADORABLE!

Melissa and Jamie showing off their baby bumps! Melissa is on the left. Jamie's shower for her little girl is next Saturday. I can't wait!

I think everything turned out so well! Melissa received so many incredible gift for little Emma Kate. Thanks for all of your help with the shower, ladies! I cannot wait to meet little Emma Kate! Sunday afternoon, we shot Melissa's maternity pictures so be on the lookout for those images soon. :)

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Sarah said...

What a beautiful shower! I love that everything was a soft pink;it looks so elegant!