Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update from the Woods.

Another week has gone by here in our new home as we are settling in. Our daily activities include unpacking boxes, tending to the animals (apparently we have added one more to our herd- more on that later), checking things off of our to do list, going to Lowe's AGAIN, wondering where our hammer is and then finally giving up and buying a new one guessed it, LOWE'S! 

This is the new little kitty that has been hanging around our house. Apparently the story with her is that she belonged to the former owners but she ran off when they were moving out of their house. Well, she has obviously come back looking for them and has instead found a fence up in her backyard, two dogs and two cats and two humans inside what used to be her home. I'm sure she is one confused little kitty. We, of course, have been feeding her and befriending her all the while trying to get in touch (via the realtor) with the former owners. We'll keep you posted!

We really do love it here so far. The woods. The quiet. The afternoon sunshine on our front porch. I might just grow old and die here. :)

I attended my first Tech basketball game as an official Rustonite. B was feeling a little under the weather, so I went on a date with my daddy just like old times. But tomorrow night we plan to go to a BIG Tech game together and can't wait! 

B & I are still juicing 6 to 7 days a week and are loving it. I haven't weighed recently but I'm pretty sure I've lost more weight. (yay!) I love that I can literally get ALL of my recommended fruits and veggies in one drink and I do it first thing in the morning! Hopefully I'll get a blog post up soon about our juicing experience. It's definitely been a fun thing to do together.

Hope y'all are having a great week so far!

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