Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go Dawgs!!

Tonight was Buie & my's first LA Tech basketball game as official Rustonites! yay! It feels official now. We really live here. We can literally drive 10 minutes to get to the stadium. I know it sounds silly but I'm so sappy when it comes to anything Tech related. It sounds silly, especially since I didn't even attend Tech. Louisiana Tech has been such a big part of my upbringing and I have so many happy memories attending sporting events with my family. I hope we can provide the same for our family. As I watched my niece, Makaylan, cheering for the dawgs tonight, I couldn't help but remember me as a little girl cheering in my little Tech cheerleader outfits. 
As Buie and I were driving to the game tonight, he informed me that the last Tech basketball game that he went to was when he drove down from Little Rock to ask my daddy if he could marry me. My dad already had plans to go to the Tech game, so of course Buie went with him. I'm so glad Buie went to that game with my dad. Can you believe that was FIVE YEARS ago!?!

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