Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updates & a Conversion

Hi, there September! You sure got here quickly. I don't think I'm ready for you. But I AM ready for some cooler weather that's for sure!

Lately I have been working like crazy which is definitely a good thing. If you have a second go check out my new photography website: It's a work in progress but I'm loving it so far.  I have been shooting a lot of precious newborn babies in the last couple of weeks. This fall I am booking up with family photos for Holiday cards. These are probably my favorites! Everyone is dressed in their best, the air is crisp, the kids are on their best behavior (most of the time). ;) I think my most favorite thing is receiving Christmas cards in the mail. I love it! I know Facebook, twitter and social media is in the present and real mail is a thing of the past, but please let's keep Holiday cards alive, people!

Anyway, I really don't have too much else going on in our lives. Our back patio is about halfway complete. We ordered the rock - it's gorgeous! The sand was delivered and they literally drove this huge Mac truck all up in our backyard and dumped 10 yards of sands in our backyard (apparently that's a lot). Our dogs think we are building them a playground. They are constantly running figure eights around the big piles of rocks and they play in the sand like they are frolicking at the beach.

Football season is here. Do I love football? Yes. Do I like to watch it with friends and socialize and wear my favorite teams colors and when the occasion arises even attend an actual game? Yes, of course. Do I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE football so much that I will without question sacrifice everything else in my life, change my daily habits for the game and go out of my way to do anything I can to make sure that football is in my life, probably not. Ok. I just wanted to clear that up. And on that note, GEAUX TIGERS! And the Kansas City Chiefs? Yes, that's right. You heard me right. This girl, a long time Cowboys fan is now converting to her husband's team, the Chiefs. Buie thinks that since we don't agree in college football (He pulls for Arkansas. I pull for LSU.) he thinks we should come together for NFL Sunday. If you know my dad and brothers or if you knew my granddad when he was alive, then you know why I feel like I'm betraying them. They are all huge Cowboys fans. I mean, my nephew Landon's nursery is decorated in a Dallas Cowboy theme. Let's be honest ladies, my first love was Troy Aikman. But after four years of marriage, here I am saying Go Chiefs! Yeah, that's right... I'm a good wife. ;)

Ok. That's all for now. Anyone wanna go up in my attic and get out my fall decor? It's only 210 degrees up there?  Pretty please?

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