Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Studio

This is a shot I took of our dining room a couple of years ago. I've never been too found of the color but it wasn't ever high on my priority list to change it. This room has kind of been a collection of random pieces of furniture. The table I've had for a few years. My parents bought it for me when I got my first place on my own. That green trunk was my grandmothers. The long buffet piece is one Buie and I purchased from Pottery Barn after we were married. The other smaller piece was a hand me down from my parents. I love all the pieces separately but collectively this room never really flowed well. My table is set for Christmas in these pictures with my grandmother's vintage linens. 

This was actually one of the few times our dining rooms was actually used for company. I can probably think of 5 or 6 other times in the last 3 years. We just don't use this room. Maybe it's the color. Who knows? Do any of you have a room in your home you just don't utilize? One day it just sort of hit me. There's all of this space being unused and now it kind of annoys me every time I walk by it. Would it make me feel better if I painted it a different color and held fabulous dinner parties once a month? Probably not. So I decided to make the room work for me. 

So I know it doesn't look like it now, but pretty soon this room will be my home studio. I've actually been talking about it for months and planning it in my head even longer probably. I've been pinning ideas on Pinterest and getting super excited about all of the possibilities. This will definitely be a project that will take patience, time, money and a little creativity but I'm looking forward to having a studio in our home. 
Right now it looks a bit like a tornado went through our dining room but with paint samples on the wall I'm starting to see slight possibility. Our dinning room which from this point on, I'll refer to as my STUDIO (yay!) is in an excellent location in our home. 
 It's in the very front so clients won't have to walk through our home to get to it. It's directly when you walk in the front door. It's also right next to our half bathroom, in case our clients need to use the potty during our session. Those newborn sessions can get pretty long! There is excellent lighting in this room which is probably the number one reason I'm using this room.

And it's a great size - plenty of room for a newborn set up or a couple of kiddos or a cakesmash session. :) Oh the possibilities!   

Hopefully I'll get some paint on the walls this weekend. I think my parents are coming up this weekend. Maybe I can talk them into helping me paint a wall or two. :)

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Lauren said...

That's so exciting! Coming from a mom who has weathered a newborn session twice, I think it'd be REALLY nice to get to go to someone else's house (or better, their studio) for that particular session. I think you'll love having this option. Of course, that's just my opinion. =)

Lauren said...

I think you'll love having this option! Coming from a mom who has weathered two in-home newborn photo sessions, I think the option to go to the photographer's studio would be great. =) I'm excited to see the finished product.