Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Review: I'm Alive

While hundreds of bloggers out there are posting about their fabulous weekends on the lake or their kid's birthday party or traveling to the beach, I woke up this morning just happy to be alive. Ok. I'm probably being a tad bit dramatic. But the hole I wore in our sofa this weekend from literally not moving off of it, might say otherwise. I'm really not even sure what hit me. I thought it was sinus stuff again so I had my sweet husband load up on the good stuff: a Netti Pot, (which all my friends on Facebook apparently swear by- it's still in the box, by the way. I can't bring myself to stick anything up one side of my nose that pours liquid out the other side. Gross. But it's here. In case of an emergency, I guess.) some M&M's and Mucinex DM.

Sunday morning I woke up with 105 temperature! Holy moly! Where did that come from!? Who knows. But I took a lukewarm shower and drank up all the liquids in the house. It came down to 103.5. It stayed somewhere between 102 and 103 for most of the day.

My husband came home from work and brought me more magic pills, aka M&M's. This brought my fever down to 101.4. Did anyone know that M&M's are also a fever reducer. They really should put that on their label!

I woke up this morning, still in tact and happy to be alive. I haven't even taken my temp this morning but I have a package of M&M's handy just in case. ;)

So that was MY weekend! What did YOU do this weekend?

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Angie said...

CARA BETH why did you not go to the dr. when your fever was that high??????????? I'm glad you are feeling better. Sorry I have not been texting to say hi or I would have known you were sick. Are you better now?