Monday, July 25, 2011

New Orleans

The Buies just returned from one of my favorite cities, NEW ORLEANS!
I mean, who doesn't love New Orleans?! We have been wanting to go for years! I have been several times but Buie had never been to downtown NOLA... EVER! He had only been to the Superdome for a Chiefs game years ago. I was in shock when he told me this bit of info. and I immediately put NOLA on our list of cities to visit together because what's a visit to New Orleans without visiting the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Am I right?
As I began planning this trip I thought how cool it would be to have our pictures taken in the French Quarter. The history, the architecture, the culture, the people, the art...I could go on and on about the reasons why I love this city. So we had our very own photo shoot by the gorgeous and talented Jen Amato. I found her through Facebook (don't you love Facebook?) and fell in love with her work. We met Jen in front of the Cathedral our first day in the city and had a fun but oh so muggy shoot in the French Quarter.These pictures will be an update from our last pictures we took almost two years ago. They will also serve as our Christmas card pics so be watching for them on the blog as well as in your mailbox! :)Buie & I thoroughly enjoyed this trip mainly because we just enjoyed each other. This was the first trip we have been on that has been JUST US TWO since our honeymoon in 2008. We drank excellent coffee, ate amazing seafood every meal, had our palms read in Jackson Square and listened to breath taking jazz music.
One thing that I told Buie was a MUST for him was to eat beignets from Cafe Du Monde. Of course, since they are made with wheat flour and not at all gluten free, sadly I could not partake in the deliciousness, but this didn't stop me from watching Buie enjoy his first French doughnut! Yum! I remember the days (before I was gluten free) when I could eat these lovely treats and I remember just how yummy they were. I sipped on iced coffee and snapped a few pics of the monumental occasion while B drenched himself with powdered sugar. :)
One of the main reasons we went down South this weekend was for my college roommate's engagement party. Her parents threw her a big party at their house complete with a live band, big white tents and lots of her closest friends and family. Their family owns a bit of land in South Louisiana and recently they had spotted a 4 foot gator in their pond. We didn't see Mr. Gator on this trip but we did have a great time.

I'll leave you with this clip of New Orleans jazz that I shot one night downtown. Ahhh, I swear they will be playing music like this in heaven. Enjoy!

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