Saturday, July 2, 2011

Landon's 1st birthday party

What a whirlwind weekend it has been already and it's not over yet! Friday evening I drove down to Minden to be in town for our nephew's first birthday! Landon's family & close friends celebrated his first birthday at his GiGi's house Saturday morning. We all gathered early before the Louisiana heat set in. GiGi has a nice pool, fun pool toys & plenty of room for the whole family!
Nicole did such a great job on all the decorations. The theme was "Under the Sea" - there were pictures of Landon from each month so we could see how much he has grown!

Landon's little buddies were all there. They had fun swimming, laughing, playing with new pool toys.
Landon loves to ride on his big jet ski! :) I LOVE this picture of my brother, Craig and Landon. He's waving at my daddy who is standing by watching him play. So sweet.
And of course you can't have a birthday party without CAKE! Landon had his very own cake. We all watched intently to see what he would do. He gingerly poked his fingers around in the sweet treat unsure of what to do with it.
Then he dove in, covering his hands and arms in yummy icing.
After his mom took his shirt off, he really got down and dirty. :)
After cake we watched him open presents and play with all his new toys. Happy Birthday, Landon! You are loved! I can't wait to continue to watch you grow up!
Here is our whole family minus Buie who had to work back home in Arkansas.

One of Nicole's friends made this cute video from the party & I thought I'd share the link with y'all! It's so cute! Click here to see it!

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

you are such a great photographer and what a cute party!!!