Friday, July 15, 2011

bad day/good day

Yesterday was a crazy day. I play Bunko every month with a fun group of girls. There are about 12 of us, so each girl takes one month out of the year to host Bunko at her house. The host is in charge of cooking dinner and buying the Bunko prizes who the winners, along with everything else that goes along with having company. Well, July was my month and yesterday was Bunko. Yesterday was also the day my husband's truck decided it needed a new battery. We had JUST loaded up about $250 worth of groceries into his truck, when he put his key in the ignition and nothing. Click. Completely dead. Today of all days I did not need a dead car battery in the middle of Kroger's parking lot when it's 98 degrees outside AND I have 12 people coming over to my house in 4 hours for dinner. ARG! We were seriously frustrated.

But we called a tow truck, hopped into the creepy tow truck dude's big truck and headed to the Ford dealership where they told us it was just the battery. We ended up picking up Bar-b-q to go and had a wonderful evening with friends.

But at the end of the day, I would have seriously lost my mind without my wonderful husband who helped me clean the house, pick up food and get everything ready for my guests.

After everyone had gone home and we sat down on the couch exhausted, Buie said, "You know, today has been a really good day." :) It's funny how when you go through bad days together, they don't seem all that bad anymore.

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