Sunday, April 3, 2011

Traveling South

What a busy last few days! I had an amazing weekend in Canton, TX and in my hometown Minden, LA. Wednesday evening I left Arkansas with my Kelly Moore bag, our winnings from Vegas and and antique shopping on the brain. Upon arriving in my hometown I was pleasantly surprised that the Subway there serves gluten free sandwiches. Yay! I ate at Subway three times in the course of 5 days! That's how excited I was about those sandwiches. In high school and college I probably ate there at least 3 times a week until I found out about my Celiac Disease. Apparently Subway has put gluten free options in several test markets and the Shreveport/Minden area just happens to be one of the test markets. It's too bad that Little Rock is not one of those test markets.

Thursday morning my alarm went off at 5:15am. Wow! I don't remember that last time I woke up that early! It was all in the name of CANTON, though. I went to Canton, TX for the first time last fall with my mom and I had a BLAST! I actually promised to blog about my trip to Canton and never did. So please forgive me! Maybe this post will make up for it. :)

We met up with some of mom's life long friends. :)

We arrived in Canton right at 9am when all the booths were opening. I had my list all made out from our fall trip. I still had several items I was looking for so I hit up some of favorite spots I remembered from last time, including Simplicity. They have the most wonderful smelling candles as well as home decor. To find most of the items that were on my list, we went to the flea market area where people basically bring "old junk" to sell. This is where I find all the good stuff - like 2 handmade quilts for $50 when they normally sell for several hundred dollars a piece.

Probably one of my favorite booths was this one where they made homemade Happy Meals for Doggies! :) How cute are these!? Of course, I picked up a meal for both Scooter and Conner!

Overall, it was a great trip! We literally were there when the shops opened and stayed til they closed. Thursday is a great day to go because the crowds aren't as bad as they are on on weekend! It was perfect! Also, I found several things on my list including a couple photo props, some home decor, some treats for the dogs and even some treats for me! I am definitely already looking forward to our next trip to Canton!

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