Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lost & Found

Yesterday B & I had the whole day planned. B had another day off from work so we planned grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning the garage. But when we got home from the grocery store I yelled for B to STOP because their were two little dogs in our driveway and I was afraid he was going to run over them! We quickly got out of the car and beckoned these little fur balls over to us. They were so friendly and not aggressive at all.
We scooped them up to keep them from getting out in the street. The were a bit dirty and smelly but they were oh so cute! But where did they come from? These little dogs had to belong to someone. They were too cute NOT to. And we couldn't imagine anyone just dropping them off? But if they did drop them off then they definitely dropped them off at the right house. I was ready to adopt this little snaggletooth pup. Isn't this little fur ball the cutest? She had so much hair over her eyes you couldn't see them and I bet she couldn't see very well either!
While B brought and put up the groceries, I got the pups some food and water and they promptly ate it right up! :) While we discussed our plan of attack, the pups made themselves at home walking around our kitchen and living room. We were quickly falling in love.
As much as I would have loved to keep one or both of these precious pups, we knew in our hearts that these dogs were too sweet and too well behaved not to belong to someone. I just knew their owners were out there looking. We loaded them up in our car and started going door to door asking everyone on the street if they were missing their dogs or knew of any neighbors that were. After about 30-40 minutes with no success, a guy drove up asking US if we had seen two lost dogs. We didn't have the dogs with us (they were in the car), so we knew he wasn't just looking for free dogs. He described the dogs to us perfectly and the pups recognized him.
Yay! for happy reunions! Secretly I wanted to keep them but I was definitely relieved that the owners were found. Can you imagine us with four dogs? Oh, wait, that is totally imaginable and will probably happen one day! Just not this week. ;)

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