Friday, April 29, 2011

Makaylan Joy Walker

Please allow me to introduce you to my brand new little niece, Makaylan Joy Walker. She was born yesterday around 8 am and is 6 pounds 1 oz. 19 1/2 inches long and has the cutest little nose ever!

The day began early at 3 am with a phone call from my oldest brother, Chris. I didn't answer right away because well... I was asleep. After a few seconds it hit me that my brother called me in the middle of the night which I'm pretty sure in all of my 27 years of living that has never happened...
until now... but he had a pretty good reason to call at 3 am. His wife, Amanda, was in labor and was already dilated 6 cm. Makaylan was going to make her appearance today, April 28, more than 2 weeks early! Since B and I had stayed up late the night before (and by late I mean REAL late - like 1:30am late) we decided NOT to leave for Louisiana right away and to try to go back to sleep. But seriously? Try NOT to go back to sleep after your brother tells you that your niece is about to arrive! I called my mom and shrilled about the excitement. My sister in law Nicole and I texted about travel plans. Then I shut my eyes and finally fell back asleep. I knew if I didn't get any sleep the next day would be miserable as we traveled to Louisiana to meet our new niece!
It just so happened that B was off Thursday so it worked out perfectly that the both of us could drive down to meet her. It's about 3 1/2 hours to the hospital where she was born. We made the trip down there and back in one day. We didn't want to leave the dogs in their kennels ALL DAY or in the back yard on a hot day all day so, of course we piled them up in the backseat and we made a family affair of the situation. :)
Of course, we immediately fell in love with her. I'm not sure that I've ever held a 6 pound baby. Landon was almost 9 pounds and there is quite a difference between those 3 pounds. She felt so tiny in my arms! Her fingers are the smallest things I've ever seen! B did great holding her. She kind of started to cry a little and he bounced her like he had done it a hundred times. She went right back to sleep.
While at the hospital we also were able to hang out with my other brother, Craig, and his family. Remember Landon? How could you forget that face? hehe. I love this picture of the two of them. So sweet. Landon got a little fussy being in the hospital lobby for so long so we took turns walking him around outside. Their was a little fountain and a stream that made him happy. He definitely loves being outside! :)
Landon got to meet his new cousin Makaylan too! We couldn't let him get too close though because he wanted to show his love a little TOO much! ha! He kept trying to grab at her. I can't wait though til I can take pictures of the two of them playing together!
So, what was once a family of two...
is now a family of THREE! Here is tired and proud mommy, and daddy going on about 1 hour of sleep holding their baby Makaylan! :)
I love y'all!


Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing your family with the world, Cara Beth. I don't know y'all well at all, but I know that y'all are a Godly family and are thrilled with the blessings that God has given you.
The babies are just the cutest things and I also look forward to the pictures of the babies playing together!!!Love,Ellen

Kecia said...

Great pictures--how exciting! I'm happy for all of you. :)

ashley said...

Congrats!!!! I'm so excited for them! She is absolutely beautiful and has 2 amazing parents. Love to watch your family growing!