Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Landon Time!

Since I'm working from home now & setting my own schedule I've been making sure to work in some more "Landon time!" For his first 6 months or so, I really only saw him about once or twice a month. But I'm trying to see him once a week now! :) He makes my week so much better. I mean, look at that face!
Landon is 9 months old now and he has 4 teeth and can say "mama and dada." Today I was making chicken noises like "bawk bawk!" for pure entertainment for him and Landon was repeating after me. ha! It was too cute!

I think Landon is starting to recognize me when he sees me. Before I wasn't sure if he was just smiling because I was a friendly face that was making silly faces but now I'm pretty sure he knows my face. :) He probably knows it best with a camera in front of it, though! I love this kid so much! I really can't imagine loving my own kid more than this but I'm sure one day it will happen. But for now, I will pour all of my love into my nephew.

And in 4 more weeks, I will have a little niece! I can not wait to meet her!


Nicole said...

Awweee! So sweet! He loves you, too!!!

Jessica said...

Precious photos!!!