Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Dinner

The table is set! Thanks to my mom for coming over to help me do some things around the house. Moms our good like that, aren't they? This has been a hard week for me physically because of the weather. I has literally rained everyday and my Fibromyalgia has definitely taken a toll for the worse. But I knew all week I had a very special dinner to look forward to. This is our second year to have Easter at our house. We invite both sides of the family and always have a great time!

B cooked a beef tenderloin last year and everyone loved it so we did the same this year with plenty of side dishes for everyone! We laughed and talked but mainly we just let Landon entertain us.

Afterwards I dragged everyone out to the front porch for pictures because last year I forgot to take any. But this year I made up for it!

Here is the Walker side of the family. We missed Chris and Amanda but they are due with Makaylan in a couple of weeks and couldn't travel. So we'll let their absence slide this time. ;)

Both Buies: me & B with his parents, Carole and Rufus. They are seriously the best in-laws I could have ever asked for!
me & B with my parents, Tommy & Cindy - the definitely of "the best parents ever!" :)
And of course, Landon had his own mini photo shoot. He had a fever so they took all his clothes off in hopes of lowering his fever.
My brother, Craig, his beautiful wife, Nicole, and their son, Landon, who is, I'm convinced, the cutest baby EVER!
me and Landon!
Every time I'm around my family I just realize how lucky I am. I have a great husband, wonderful in-laws, the best parents, siblings, pretty cool sister-in-laws, and the cutest little nephew ever. I'm pretty lucky. But above all, on this Easter weekend, I realize how lucky I am because I have a Savior who died for me over 2000 years ago. He died, rose again and He's coming back us! How lucky are we! Happy Easter!

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