Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our week in iPhone pics

B is holding our little friend Max. This is one of the few times Buie has ever held a child so it was definitely worthy of snapshot. He did a great job, by the way.
Here's B with the emergency radio listening to the weather report as the five of us (me, B, Scooter, Conner & Hazel) sat in the bathroom waiting for the storm to pass.
Also, as we were watching the weather (before the TV went out) they mentioned a "Buie, AR." We had NO IDEA there was a Buie, Arkansas. :) And it's not too far away from us so we are most definitely going to visit it sometime soon. Mom came over Thursday and helped me around the house. She helped me get our table all ready for Easter. Friday evening our family came over to enjoy a yummy Easter dinner.
I picked up some GORGEOUS tulips at Kroger and I couldn't help but snap a picture. Aren't they gorgeous!?
This morning I opened up the back door and found that this guy had brought us an Easter surprise.
Yes, my friends, that would be a mole. Gross me out.
And that about does it- our week straight from my iPhone! Happy Easter!

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