Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome Spring!

It's beginning to look more like Springtime around the Buie house. This week I pulled out the Easter decorations from the attic. I love decorating for Spring and Easter, mainly because I love eggs and birds. Spring is a perfect time to display both!

Speaking of birds...B & I were working in our yard and he called me over to look at this! It was a perfectly put together bird's nest! I still get so fascinated by bird's nest... how they gather random things from the ground and put them together to form something so unique. It is definitely a God-given talent that these little birdies have. There weren't any eggs in this nest so I carefully took it down out of the bush to admire it up close.
I might even use it as decoration in our house this Spring. I found this picture here of a fun way to use a real bird's nest in your home.

I also decorate with lots of eggs. Most of my ceramic eggs were my great grandmothers who hand painted them for family members. I cherish these eggs as they are one of the main things I remember "NaNa" for.

My mom bought me this new little addition in Dallas last month. It is one of my favorite things too. This little bunny bootie just makes me smile when I look at him every morning. He sits in a pot of ivy on our breakfast table.
My egg wreath I picked up at Pier One a few years ago when I worked there sits on our dining room table...along with the best Spring decor, my kitty Hazel. She seems to find herself wherever I am taking pictures at the time. ;)
When we cleaned out my grandmother's home a few years ago, we found several cartons of unfinished ceramic eggs. These were painted a base color only, but to me, they are still just as pretty! I have several vases of these ceramic eggs around our home and love looking at them! Their fresh pastel colors are so Springy!My favorite thing about March and early April is definitely tulips!
I found these aerial shots of the Netherlands. Can you believe that those fields are all tulips? Wow! I would LOVE to go there one day during tulip season!

Found here

I hope you are enjoying these early days of Spring!

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