Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Recap... I know it's a little late

This past Halloween Buie & I were separated which is sad because it is one of his favorite holidays besides Christmas, of course. This year was a little different though because my mom and I planned a little trip just west of us to Canton, TX. (Stay tuned for my Canton post!) After Canton, mom and I headed a few more miles west to Dallas to visit friends and family on Halloween night. My first cousin Lindsey and his wife April have three beautiful red-headed boys. We hung out with them for a few hours and had a blast! I wanted to see all of them in their Halloween outfits and I'm glad I did because they were precious! Take a look! :)

Tony Romo
Notice that Spiderman wanted to wear a Transformers mask. hehe. Aren't they the cutest?

Don't worry there's more! After we left my cousin's house I called our friends Caleb and Lisa. They put on a spectacular Halloween display at their house and I wanted to go see them! Their house was close to our hotel so we drove by. It was not hard to miss! There were kids EVERYWHERE! Their house was definitely the best on the block! Caleb is Buie's best friend from college and I'm only sorry he couldn't be there to see his costume. It was scary! Seriously, it freaked me out! Hope ya'll had a great Halloween!

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Lisa said...

awesome!! Great pic of you and the two demons from my yard! Maybe some year you and Buie can come and join in the fun...I could use more staffers with almost 1000 trick or treaters!! :-) xoxo