Monday, June 21, 2010

the Dog Days of Summer

Remember these guys? Fluffy and Scruffy?

This was Conner and Scooter just a few weeks ago! But since the temperature is reaching 100 degrees day after day, we decided to give them a summer hair cut.

This is our boys now! We had them totally shaved! Aren't they cute?!

I know he looks mad in this picture but Conner really does LOVE his new do! He's so much cooler now!

I love his little spots!
And Scooter is like a different dog! Even his personality has changed. He is so much more playful and puppy like. I truly believe that he feels sooo much better now that all that hair is gone!
My favorite part is his fluffy little puff ball on the end of his tail!
Isn't it precious? A little girly, maybe, but it's still cute!
Happy First Day of Summer!


Julee said...

This cracks me up!! Scooter's tail is hilarious!! They do look so much cooler though!

Lisa said... are brave! I don't have the guts to shave Fred and George - I'm afraid they won't be as pretty! I know that's mean...we gave them a bath last night and they're so pretty now...but it's probably hot. I should shave them. Maybe next year I'll work up the courage. :-)

Jessica said...

Super cute hair cuts!! I love them! We have our dogs almost shaved for summer time and they go nuts! They feel so much better. Savannah is getting a haircut today. I'll have to take photos! I miss you and the dogs!

Angie said...

So does Conner actually TELL you that he likes his new do? Scooter does look pretty happy.

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

this is hilarious! i love scooter's tail too!! My parents shaved their welsh corgie and he loves his new "do" as well!