Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soon and very soon!

I have mentioned a time or two that I am EXTREMELY excited to be a first time aunt this summer. The due date was July 4th and we were all excited to welcome a little patriotic baby into our family. This will be my parents first grandchild. My brother was secretly hoping for a boy, like most men do, and he found out that he is getting his wish! Nicole, my sister in law, promised him that if they had a boy they could decorate the nursery in a Dallas Cowboys theme. Yes, that's right - I said Dallas Cowboys. lol. We are all big fans! :)

Well, the point of this blog post is simply to say that little Landon is coming early! Nicole went to her check-up and found out that he is ahead of schedule. If he has not made his appearance by June 28th, then they are going to induce on the 28th! Yikes! That's like 2 weeks away! I'm so excited!
This is me and mom-to-be, Nicole, my sister-in-law with baby Landon. This was taken on Mother's Day! I cannot wait to be an aunt and hold baby Landon in my arms!


Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

great maternity pic cara beth! how exciting and that is hilarious about the dallas cowboy theme. we are not fans in my household so thats why i laugh.

Jessica said...

Precious. I need some baby bump photos. These are great!!! How about in August?

ashley said...

Great pictures! Nicole looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats to your entire family - cannot wait to see pictures of the new addition. Please tell Nicole and Craig best wishes!!!