Friday, June 11, 2010

Martha's Favorite

Before I continue expounding on our vacation, I must take a minute to brag on our baby, Conner. A few months ago, I entered Conner in a Pet Photos contest on Martha Stewart's website. It was under the category, 'snow angels.' I picked one of our all-time favorite shots of Conner - it was his first time ever to see snow. I remember him going outside and just sitting and staring at the sky. It was too cute and of course, I snapped a pic!

When I got an email from about their all-time favorite pet picks from the YEAR, you can imagine how THRILLED I was to find that Conner was one of the top 59 in the world! Yup, he was number 11 in their favorite pet picks. They picked their favorite photos from all of the contests in the past and put just their favs in one spot. Go here to see Conner on Martha's website!

Here's the photo they liked so much! :)

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Jessica said...

Super cool! Congrats!!