Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation! (Part 1)

We're baaaack! After a MUCH needed vacation, Buie and I are finally home, though NOT quite caught up on sleep yet.
Last Thursday after work, we boarded a plane to Denver International airport and arrived just two hours later - thank you Wright Brothers! We then hopped in our rental car and drove about 2 more hours to Keystone Resort to meet up with another couple who arrived a few hours earlier. Caleb and Lisa shared a condo with us for the long weekend. Caleb is one of Buie's best friends from college and married Lisa about 8 years ago. Buie was happy to find out that Lisa and I have a lot in common and share a love for photography, traveling, design and anything creative! Lisa and I quickly found out that we also share a love of spas! :) Our first full day in Keystone kicked off quickly as the boys headed over to the golf course for 36 holes and the ladies went to a full day of pampering at our very own spa day! Lisa and I kept saying, "The decadence is calling!" (If any of your girls have seen Sex and the City 2, then you understand what I am talking about.) I'm a dork so I actually googled the word "decadence" and it means 'a luxurious self-indulgence.' And that is exactly what it was. We were lavished with a hot stone massage, a fitness facial, manicure and pedicure. This was part of my Christmas present from my WONDERFUL husband! And it was worth every penny! :)

While we were relaxing and enjoying the 'self-indulgence', our boys were enjoying the AMAZING views on the golf courses. And the word AMAZING does not even begin to describe the views. INCREDIBLE. UNBELIEVABLE. MAGNIFICENT. Check out some of my favorite shots...

The courses were so beautiful, the guys said we just HAD to come along with them the next day to take pics. So, of course, who could say no to beautiful mountains, blue skies, a brand new wide angle and getting to hang out with our husbands.

So Lisa and I tagged along the next day in our own cart and had the best time! Of course, not too much fun - we had to remember the golf rules and be quiet when others were teeing off, etc. But for the most part, we were well behaved. ;)

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Ink Obsession Designs said...

How fun! I would have loved the spa time!