Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vacation (Part 2)

So, in our vacation, part 1, you heard all about the gorgeous golf courses and our amazing spa day. Jealous yet!? Well, there were PLENTY more marvelous golf scenes to capture but don't think that Lisa and I spent ALL of our vacation indoors in a spa. Heck no! As I told you before, the wives, Lisa and I, share a love for photography and the great outdoors. It is no surprise that Colorado is a outdoorsman's (or woman's) paradise, but Colorado is also a photographer's haven! We had so much fun just simply sightseeing and taking in all the beauty that the state had to offer.
Lisa wanted to go down the road to the base of the mountain at Keystone and we were SHOCKED to see that the ski lifts were still open so of course we bought a foot pass and headed on up! Remember we are from Arkansas and Texas so even the fact that there was still snow on the ground was cool to us...but the fact that people were snowboarding and skiing on June 7th was almost beyond belief! The fact that the day we picked to go to the base was the same day it was closing was just luck - it was like a big party! So fun! There were all kinds of people out skiing and snowboarding there that day and of course we took pics of the *really* special ones (like this guy in a Superman costume) On the slopes that day, we saw Batman, Spiderman, Superman, a Hotdog and numerous guys skiing in three piece suits and girls in bikinis.

We weren't exactly prepared for skiing. I was wearing linen pants and flip flops. I mean, after all the weather was a PERFECT 72 degrees! But it didn't matter to us, we hoped right on and started taking pics! It was GORGEOUS!

Another day we went down to a nearby marina and got some great shots:
Stay tuned for shots from our trail ride!

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