Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ingredients for a perfect snow day!

This past weekend was the first weekend B and I have spent a WHOLE weekend together in a LONG time, probably since September...NO JOKE! Since B works weekends we really cherish any free time we are able to spend together. The moment we heard we might be snowed in together, we began planning the entire weekend. There wasn't really much to plan because we basically did nothing! :) It was wonderful!
But when you ARE planning for a snow day, first make sure you hit the store along with all the other crazy folks and stock up on needed ingredients! It helps if you have a list BEFORE you go in the store. If you're like me you'll get distracted and forget what you went there for.

Start the fire and get to cooking. You never know when or if you're power will go out so better to have food ready to eat in case the roads get really bad! This snow day we had chili Thursday night, pancakes Friday for brunch and breakfast casserole for dinner. We love breakfast food!
Next, get out your best cold weather movies. We like The Holiday or Love Actually or for an all day movie fest, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Cuddle up and watch the snow/ice fall! Next is the most important! Buddle up, go outside (at least once) & TAKE PICTURES! Even if all you got was a bit of ice which was our case, it still makes for some fun pictures!

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