Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Capture: A Year in Review

I've been following this gal for a while now and I have yet to participate in her "You Capture" Challenge. I don't know why I haven't. It involves photography and blogging, two of my favorite things. So, as a part of my resolutions, a start to a new year and a desire to TAKE MORE PICTURES, I am participating in my very first "You Capture" Challenge. This week's assignment was to gather your favorite photos from 2009. This should be easy enough, huh? Here goes!If you've even read ONE of my blog posts, then you know that our animals are the center of our lives - our dogs in particular- not that we are showing favoritism (although, that would probably be THE DEFINITION of favoritism) but dogs are just more loyal, more fun and more dependable. Cats are just whatever... that's a whole 'nother issue... we love are cats, but they are just a mess... So anyway, it is not a surprise that three of my favorite pictures from last year are of our dogs, Conner and Scooter. They just bring so much joy to our lives! If you don't have a dog, in my opinion, you are truly missing out, unless, of course, you are allergic- in that case, then God bless you, you poor pitiful thing. Ok, moving on. This one was totally spontaneous that was actually after a photoshoot of mine. It was a family of four and the adults were trying to round of the children and get ready to go and we turned around to look for this sweetheart and we found her enjoying the leaves! She was totally and completely in her own world! THIS, my friends, is pure joy! I LOVE this picture!

This past Labor Day weekend, some of my best friends and I took a trip down to the beach. I was priviledged enough to be there at this special moment to capture this engagement of Brad down on one knee. So sweet. Whitney, was in total shock! And this coming October I have the honor of standing beside them as they take their vows for life. :)

This picture is sweet Calleigh taken from a photoshoot this summer. I just love how her eyes pop in this picture and her cute little pink bow! :)

And this one,from my "at arms length" category. We take a lot of pictures like this but this one was by far my favorite of me and my husband this past year. I love his rosy red cheeks after being out on the beach all day.

Get ready for many many more pictures in 2010!


~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Love the pictures. The proposal is great. What a fanstastic moment to catch.

Lolo said...

i love the proposal photo. and the ones of your dogs are beautiful.

Alita said...

WONDER-full pictures!