Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give Me Moore

Another resolution this year was to REALLY focus on my photography. Before now it really has just been a hobby. While photography is STILL something I thoroughly enjoy I have had to ask myself, "Is this something I want to pursue?" Well, after long late night talks with B, the answer is yes! If you find something you love and can make money doing it, then you should keep doing it, right? Right! That's what I am thinking anyway. I literally cannot put my camera down long enough to think of anything else I would like to do with my life (besides be a mom one day), so I think I'll stick to taking pictures.

So when I saw this Give Me Moore Workshop being advertised, I knew I MUST attend! You see, me and Kelly Moore go waaay back! We're like BFF! Ok, not really! I met her at my friend Brocky's wedding in 2006, I believe. I was a bridesmaid and she was the photographer and an amazing one at that. I found her blog and have been a stalker, err I mean follower, ever since. So it was really cool to get to spend the day with Kelly and learn from the best!
She really is pretty. This picture above is kinda if-y so I thought I'd post a pretty one of her. :)
We went over client relations, advertising & marketing, posing, lighting and, of course shooting. She hired two models for the day and we got to practice what we learned by shooting for about three hours. It was a GORGEOUS day to shoot and the clouds were amazing! My favorite thing was getting to know other photographers who already had successful thriving business and see how they interacted with the models. I also loved learning new lighting techniques because I am totally new at flash! Overall the workshop was a complete success and I'm ready to put to practice what I learned! Anyone want to model for me? :) Here are some of the shots I got from the day. Mary was the model I was working with. She was precious!
Here's Kelly's take on the day and HER fabulous pictures, which, I realize are WAAAY better than mine...but hey, that's why SHE'S makin' the big bucks, right? :)


BG said...

I think your pictures look awesome! I think the only difference between hers and yours is that hers may have been edited with software. You should be really proud of your pictures! I'd love for you to take our family pics one day!

Blissfully Enamored said...

way to go sister!!

i will model for you!!! come to, case, and the pups are PERFECT models!!!

Jennifer said...

Those pics are great! I know that was such a fun day for you!