Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Word From our Youngest

While our world is getting back to normal from holidays and weddings (my tree is still up- don't hate!) we are realizing that we will soon have a baby running around our house. If you missed the news admist the holidays - we are going to be Aunt & Uncle Buie and couldn't be more excited! My oldest brother, Chris, just got married and the middle child, Craig is going to be a daddy! These are exciting days in our family! Nicole, my sister-in-law, is feeling much better in her second trimester and is VERY ready to find out the sex of the baby. She thinks it's a girl but Craig and I think it will be a boy! We will find out in a few weeks!

As you know, we don't have children yet so our animals are our children. Over the Christmas holidays, I snapped a few pictures of our youngest "child." He is particularly excited about his human cousin because he enjoys children. We are interested to see how Scooter will do with children. He is gentle and passive so we think he will do oh so well! Although, he doesn't do so well at the groomers! :( He barks at the clippers. Poor guy.

Anyway, here is Scooter. He just wanted to make a blog appearence and say hi!


Blissfully Enamored said...

ohhh scoots...he is just so darn cute!!!

congrats on all of the excitement!

miss you!

Melissa said...

Scooter is too cute, looks a lot like my Lola!

I just took my tree down this week, so glad I'm not the only one!!