Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bucket List Update

Over here on my old blog I wrote a post about my Bucket List. I wrote about four things I was going to cross off my list this year. Let's review:
1) Own a home with my new husband... CHECK~!
If you'll remember in April we close on a beautiful home. I can't say that we are COMPLETELY unpacked yet (there are still boxes in the garage) but we are loving our new home!

2) Train for a day! This one is a work in progress but I DID run the 5K and plan to run it again this coming March.
3) Go on vacation with my cousin, Lauren....CHECK~!
This September, eight of my friends headed to Seaside, Florida and had a blast. Lauren and I have always wanted to vacation together since we were little kids going on family vacation.

4) See Dave Matthews Band LIVE in concert....CHECK!~!

This week I was able to check this one off my list. I went with my husband, one of my best friend's, Alicia, and her friend, Chris. Dave is a musical genius and I LOVED hearing him live~!

Here are a few of our pictures from DMB:

I am looking forward to marking MORE things off my bucket list. What are some things on YOUR bucket list or what are some things you have marked OFF your list? I would love to hear about them... Leave me some love!

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