Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conner and Scooter's Wish List

With Christmas just 80 days away, I'm already getting excited about Christmas in our new house and with a new addition - Scooter! I have many things on my wish list for the pups and here are just a few!

I really love this water and food bowl because it keeps the bowls together and it's harder for Scooter to pick up and throw around the yard like he so often does when he's hungry. :) Plus you know I love anything vintage looking!
A few weeks ago I found this site on etsy that customizes dog tags. I will definitely be picking up a couple for Conner AND Scooter. I love the "I was rescued" tag which in our case would be appropriate for BOTH dogs.

Find these tags at Urban Puppy on Etsy.com
Since adopting our newest - Scooter - THIS is where he currently relaxes...on the floor. So he desperately needs a bed! Perhaps even one with his name on it! That way he'll know he's here to stay! I found this bed online and I love the pattern you can choose from. I would chose THIS one! Bed can be found online at DrFosterSmith.com

This couch blanket would definitely come in handy after a long day of playing in the mud and muck and keep our couch looking clean longer!
I believe I found this at FetchDog.com. Check it out. I love that website - They have everything!


Blissfully Enamored said...

those are all great little presents for the pups!!!! love the tags too!

Blissfully Enamored said...

just fyi....hop on over to my blog...i am part of a scarf swap! i thought you would have fun doing it too!!! join in!

lg2006 said...

I love that dogbowl! Your blog is totally awesome by the way!
www.igriza.com ( found you thru paul B)