Monday, October 26, 2009

2nd Annual Pumpkin Fest

Buie and I are getting excited about Pumpkin Fest '09! We had so much fun last year at Pumpkin Fest '08 that we decided to make it an annual tradition amoung our friends. We even carved pumpkins this last Friday night to get us in the mood! I printed off some stencils from Martha Stewart's website and went to town! I went with a cheerful Jack-O-Lantern and Buie went with a more spooky carving. The look great on our front porch together and we plan to add more soon! Here are a few projects I'm thinking about trying this Friday at our Pumpkin Fest!

Remember the apothocary jars I picked up at Pier One a few weeks ago? Wouldn't they be just perfect for this candy table!? I went and picked up some candy sticks, candy corn and lolipops at Cracker Barrell!


Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

love all the decorations!! so fun!! we are carving this weekend too! sam does one of calleigh's face...well he did it last year and now it will be a tradition!

Jessica said...

We can't wait!!!