Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend Review:

This weekend I drove down to the Crescent City with one of my childhood best friends, Melissa (remember her?) She is getting married in November, and I am so excited to be a bridesmaid. We thought we would celebrate her last month of singleness in style in NOLA, one of our favorite cities! The weekend started out wonderfully with fun gifts and cake and yummy New Orleans food. But Saturday morning I knew immediately that I had consumed gluten the night before. I felt aweful and spent all day in bed nursing on sprites and watching "Knocked Up." Here is a picture of me, Melissa and Julie, Melissa's maid of honor. I look aweful but please keep in mind that I had just consumed a huge beef patty full of bread crumbs without my knowledge! GLUTEN ATTACK! I was feeling aweful at this point of the night. I mean, who puts bread crumbs in hamburger patties! Apparently it is pretty common but I have never made a hamburger in my life. That's what Buie is for. :) And he, of course, makes mine gluten free and oh so yummy!

Click on links for more information about Celiac Disease and eating gluten free.

..... Ok so the sad news........

Also, Friday night we recieved some aweful news about a family friend that had passed away. He was only 23. Here is a picture of Seth. His older sister is another childhood friend of mine, Caroline Brock, but I have called her Brocky since I could talk! Here is her beautiful family on her wedding day. Today would have been Seth's 24th birthday. I am so saddened by his death but am smiling knowing that Seth is resting in peace.
If you are reading this and are a believer, please lift up a prayer for this wonderful family who is grief stricken over the loss of their youngest son and brother. Pray especially for my dear friend Brocky. She is more than precious to me!
So what was suppossed to be a GRAND weekend in New Orleans didn't really turn out that way. But I was thankful to spend time with two of my best friend's Brocky and Melissa. I think that friends grow even closer in times of sorrow. My heart aches for Brocky, but I know she is strong.
Melissa and Caroline Brock

I am so blessed to have stayed close to my childhood friends through elementary, high school, even attending separate colleges and now in adulthood - I always know I can reply on them.

This picture was taken at Brocky's wedding. I just love it. Even though we were all posing, somehow each pose represents our personalities. Another shot from Brocky's wedding. This was is definitely a favorite. This was such an emotional moment for all three of us. The three of us have literally known each other for more than 20 years and Brocky was the first to get married. We were so happy yet so sad that we were putting one step into adulthood and leaving childhood behind. The tears were definitely flowing that day.

As I think about my childhood friends, my highschool friends, my college friends and even those friendships I have formed in the last five years since college... all I can say is thank you, God. I am truly blessed.

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