Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walker/Buie Family Vacation Numero Uno

Buie and I are going on our first family vacation EVER with my entire family! I know what Buie is thinking..."YIKES! What am I getting myself into?" Well, I can't speak for him but I am totally pumped about it! My oldest brother, Chris, is living in Mozambique right now. He moved there in January and will be coming back to the States in late June. Since, obviously, we will need our "Chris fix" we decided to take a family vacay right when he gets back from Africa. Chris is doing all of the planning via internet from Mozambique-isn't technology amazing! We decided to go somewhere relatively close by so we will have less driving and more quality time, plus I don't think my parents enjoy laying on a beach as much as I do. (The beach vacay comes later on in September. See post.)

So the destination of choice is.... Deer Valley Lodge in Branson, MO. Check out the floor plans! If I haven't said it enough, I'm super pumped! It will be mom, dad, Chris, Craig, Nicole, me, Buie and if we can talk MeMe into it. We are also inviting Buie's parents, my in-laws, to join along. As of right now, I don't think Buie has mentioned anything to them since we JUST made these plans. (Mrs. Carole if you are reading this- then just know that you and Mr. Rufus are invited as well!)

While we are there we plan to shop, eat, see some shows, eat, shop, eat, play golf, eat, shop, see some more shows, and most importantly, take LOTS of pictures...which is why the family is bringing me along. :)

It's been a while since we took a family vacation and I have dreamed of the day when I could bring along my husband. Can't wait!

I think the best part is the air hockey tables! Chris and Craig are going DOWN in some air hockey!


Whitney said...

Cara Beth...this sounds like its going to be so much fun!!! What a beautiful place to spend time with your amazing family!!!

When you are vacaying it up, i will be working, so i expect as many blog updates as humanly possible!!!

Emily Blackwell said...

Ya'll are going to have so much fun! Josh and I stayed at Deer Valley with my mom's side of the family a few years ago at was BEAUTIFUL!