Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save Some Bucks! (No, not deer)

The theme of these past few months seems to be "Save, Save, Save!" That is exactly what the Buies are doing in 2009. We have many many goals we want to see accomplished not only this year but in the years to come, as do any couple. It takes a conscious effort to spend less, however. We have been in the process of joining our two accounts so we have to constantly communicate about what and where we spend money. Do you have any tips on how your household handles the spending, the bank accounts, the bills, the mortage, etc.?

On the subject of spending, I found this great article on one of my favorite blogs, This Young House. This is a young couple who has great ideas on Do It Yourself and Home Improvement Projects as well as Home Decorating Ideas. This particular articles is right up our alley as we try hard to pinch our pennies in 2009!

Read the article about how to save more moulah!


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