Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Pet Dangers You Didn't Know About

Like any dog lover, we want to protect our pets. Right now, while we don't have children, our 2-year old Cocker Spaniel is our baby boy, so naturally we are cautious about what he eats, who he plays with and where he goes. While going through a box of recycling I found this article that I had torn out of a Good Housekeeping magazine, called 10 Pet Dangers You Didn't Know About. Well, obviously this caught my attention and hopefully if you own a dog, it will catch yours. Please take the time to read this article. Your little Fido will thank you too.

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Whitney said...

Thank you for sharing those...i didnt know about some of those....

I didnt see one about "Dont let your boyfriend step on your dog or it will mutilate her"....but I guess I already knew that one and it still happened!!!

Have a great weekend away!!!