Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's talk jewelry.

We all have our favorite things we love. Like most women, I LOVE bags, scarves, shoes, coats and JEWELRY! Today I just wanted to share a little bit about my top three jewelry companies. I am not getting paid to do this nor did anyone ask me. I just really love their jewelry!

So...let's get started, shall we?

Lately I have been a bit obsessed with a new business that one of my dear college friends runs through Facebook called Accessory Dash. A.D. is a fun new company allowing women to be fun and trendy without spending a bundle. The jewelry is completely affordable and is rarely over $25 a piece. To me, the best part about this company is it's online presence. Every Wednesday night at 8pm, there is an auction. It's so fun! You should try it! These are just a few of the pieces that I bid on AND WON this week. 

 Stella & Dot 

I remember when I first heard of this company through a friend who was hosting a party, I just couldn't get enough. Their jewelry is so colorful and cheerful! When I get the catalog in the mail, I find myself drooling and immediately making a mental wish list. There are statement pieces that are truly a work of art and there are classic pieces that should be in every woman's jewelry box. Their jewelry is good quality and very sturdy pieces. Stella & Dot have plenty of pieces under $50 to choose from if you're trying to stay on a budget. However, if you feel the urge for a splurge, Stella & Dot is the place to do it with plenty of amazing statement pieces to choose from.

I was introduced to Silpada jewelry through my sister in law, Nicole, who sells this jewelry. Silpada is known for their sterling silver. They are good quality pieces and mostly are classic items that never go out of style. Silpada tends to vier away from the super trendy which is why, I believe, it's worth it to spend a little more. Their pieces hardly ever go out of style and will last a lifetime. I encourage you to look around on their website. If you're like me, you'll love their pearl and leather pieces as well. 


I hope you enjoyed this talk about jewelry today. What are some of your favorite jewelry companies? I always love finding new businesses. Thanks for stopping by!

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