Friday, August 3, 2012


It feels like I haven't had anything fun to write about in a while or at least not enough for an entire blog post. So...this is an entirely random post...

- It's hot to say the least. I haven't been doing a lot of outdoor activities because of the heat. We've pretty much been staying inside. August is a super slow month for me for photography so I'm hoping to get a head start on some Fall promotional things. Fall cannot get here fast enough!

- Sometimes I think that my youngest cat, Charlie, is possessed. He can be so sweet and then he'll just ATTACK with no warning. Last night out of no where he jumped on top of Conner (our Cocker Spaniel), threw his paws around his neck and tried to bite him! I was shocked. It was kind of funny because I think he was just trying to play with Conner but one day Conner might try to bite back...and that won't be too funny.  I do have proof that they get along though. Aren't they cute? :)

- We have been watching the Olympics every single night and lovin' it. Most nights I find myself tearing up especially if USA wins gold and they zoom in to their emotional faces during the National Anthem. Gets me every time. My favorite events to watch are synchronized diving and all swimming events, both men and women. It reminds me of my time on the local swim team in my home town. No, I wasn't the fastest but I loved it! I loved being on a team and hanging out with all of my friends in between events. I remember writing our event numbers on our arm with a sharpie. I remember how long it took me to learn how to dive properly. I remember that I couldn't compete in the breast stroke because I was bow-legged and would always get disqualified. ha! I love swimming! I have already decided that my kids will love swimming too. I'll start them out young like I was.

- Speaking of swimming, I joined a local gym this week. It has an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. I'll be honest, that was probably the only reason I joined. :) That and the fact that they mailed me a coupon for a trial period of 45 days. After the trial period if I want to for real join they'll waive my joining fee. So we'll see...

- We're 99% sure that Buie has a gluten intolerance too. Wouldn't that be crazy if I married someone with the same food issues I have? Of course we're not sure if he just developed an intolerance because for the last four years he's been eating mostly gluten free... Who knows? We're getting lots of tests run so more on that later.

- I'm headed to Louisiana today for a couple of shoots this weekend. I hope it's a tad bit cooler there but I have a feeling it won't be.

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