Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things that made me happy this week:

1. How my cat Charlie hides in the bathtub. I think he really thinks we can't see him.

2. Staying up way too late having in depth talks with Buie about life and dreaming about the future. I always love those type of conversations.

3. Getting in my new jewelry from Accessory Dash! Conner wasn't as excited as I was. I'm not sure why though...

4. Being spontaneous and making a late night milkshake run with Buie.

5. Organizing my bathroom drawers and throwing away products I haven't used in literally YEARS! It feels good to purge!

5. Taking an afternoon nap with Buie and the dogs on his day off. (I think this was the day after we stayed up so late having one of those in depth conversations)

7. Meeting Nicole and my two nephews at Chic fila for lunch and play time! They always make me smile! :)

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