Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer days drifting away...

While the temperature is still in the 100's here in Arkansas, summer is coming to a close. School supplies are already flying off the shelves and into the arms of eager (and some not so eager) school children. I had high hopes of my summer this year, only to be knocked down by a heat so intense it would make.... well, let's just say it's hot! With temps some days reading 111 degrees, I didn't do as many outdoor activities as I imagined. Let's see what I DID, in fact, accomplish so far this summer. 

  • Go Camping - we decided to hold off on this one for a bit. Cooler temps = happy campers. :)
  • Eat snow cones - I have definitely had MY fair share of snow cones this summer but I don't believe me & B have had one TOGETHER. Maybe we'll knock this one off our list this week. 
  • Make smores by the fire pit - Again, who wants to sit by the fire when it's 100, even at NIGHT! We'll move this one right on over to our Fall list. 
  • Have a family picnic - Sigh... again. It's too darn hot. I think I was a little too ambitious with this list. I mean, where did I think we lived, Maine?
  • Host a game night with friends - Now THIS, we can do! 
  • Little Rock Farmer's Market - Yes we have and Man, those were some good peaches! 
  • Go to a Local Museum - Hmmm...where should we go?
  • Traveler's Game  - I went to a Travs game with Landon, my brother Craig and my dad for his birthday. Such fun and surprisingly it wasn't too hot! :) 
  • Enjoy Watermelon - You don't have to tell me twice. I love me some watermelon!
  • Little Rock Zoo - We actually went to the Memphis Zoo this summer which is even bigger and better. 
  • Make Homemade Lemonade - Hmm...not sure why I haven't done this one yet. I love lemonade. Might be another easy one for this week. 
  • Grill out with friends (at least once) Memorial Day Weekend we grilled out twice with friends! :)
  • Take our nephew & niece somewhere fun for an afternoon (This one might be hard to do with our niece since she lives in Louisiana but we will try!) - I have had lots of niece and nephew time lately including the water park and baseball game with Landon. I love my time with them and hopefully I'll get even more before the summer is over with! :) 
  • Movies in the Park  Wondering what movie I saw? Check it out here
  • Finish my photography home studio! I'm super excited about this one.  - It's on the list to do this coming weekend. I'll keep you posted! 
It looks like I have my to do list for this week: eat snow cones, make lemonade and paint my studio! Shouldn't be too hard! Happy last few weeks of summer! Maybe before football season gets here I mark off all the things highlighted in green. The things in orange I'm saving for the Fall. A girl's gotta have goals, right! Maybe if I blogged at 2am all the time, more of my blog posts would be color coded as well as semi-delusional. I really should sleep now. Have a great week!  

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