Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Review

Whew! It's been a crazy few days! Let's recap:

Thursday I headed down to Louisiana to meet my new doctor. I have been seeing a specialist in Dallas since 2006 and recently their offices underwent several changes in administration. My doctor is no longer there and instead of going through the hassle of getting to know a new doctor in Texas, I moved my doctor to Louisiana. Yes, it's still a state away, but this new doctor is closer to my hometown. Also, it is the same doc that my mom goes to, so we try to schedule our appointments on the same day.

Thursday after my appointment, I played with my niece Makaylan Joy (better known as M.J. in our family). She is about 3 1/2 months old so I snapped a few 3 months pics for her parents to document her growth. We're still not quite sure who she looks like in the family, but my brother swears she looks like me when I was her age... and I'm totally okay with that. :)

Friday I ran some errands in Ruston including stopping by Songbird where Kelly Moore has her bag line displayed. I have always been a fan of Kelly since I was in a wedding that she photographed in 2006. After taking her workshop, I was inspired to go full time into my photography. Kelly is such an inspiration to my photography. I guess you could say she is my photography idol. Friday morning I went by the shop Songbird in Ruston to buy a new Kelly Moore bag - I need the Libby bag that holds a 17" laptop. I sent Kelly a twitter message and asked her a question about her bags. Kelly was so sweet to come down to the shop to show me her bags personally. Now that's customer service, huh. I didn't end up buying one that day because my color was not in stock but I plan to purchase one soon!
Friday evening we had a family dinner at our favorite restaurant in Northwest Louisiana - family owned and operated, Port at Prince. They have THE BEST CATFISH ever! Seriously, people drive from Arkansas just to eat at this restaurant - I guess I'm one of those people! It is right on Lake Claiborne. Landon had such a good time splashing in the water after dinner.
Saturday morning I shot a birthday party for some friend's of ours. Their son was turning 3 and she wanted a photographer for the occasion. I'm not a mom but I can imagine that taking pictures is hard to do when you are trying to light candles, help open presents, and wrangle a bunch of 3 year olds. That's where I come in. :) Moms don't have to even bring a camera to their kids birthday party. I'll take care of it for you. Seriously, I wonder who will photography MY children's birthday parties. ha! Some of my favorite images from the party are over at my photography blog if you would like to check them out.

After rehydrating and eating some of my mom's yummy chicken salad, I headed back home to Arkansas where Buie and I ended the day with a burger from David's Burger. If you haven't eaten there yet and you live in Little Rock, you are missing out! Go eat the best burger of your life - they're on the corner of Markham and Bowman. Amazingness!

Sunday didn't slow down much at all but we enjoyed some time with Buie's parents. They took us out to eat at Logan's Roadhouse in Bryant. We had good food and excellent conversation. That evening we went to Eikon for a great night of worship with our church friends.

Monday morning Buie and I woke up and went and bought me a new car! Yup, we've been planning for months to buy a new car - well, new to me anyway. It's actually a 2009 but we got a great deal on it!

Whew! Wow. I'm tired just from writing all of that! And now it's currently 4am on Tuesday morning and I really have no idea why I'm still up. B will be getting up in about 2 hours for work! ha! Good night!

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