Saturday, August 6, 2011

Decisions. Decisions.

As a married couple we have many decisions to make. What color should we paint the bedroom? Where are we going on vacation this year? What are we having for supper? When you are a pet owner, like we are, many of our decisions are based around our four-legged children: What kind of food should we feed them? Should we get them micro chipped? Where do we get them groomed? How can we properly socialize them around children? When we lost our Georgie in January, we even had decisions to make: Do we want to burry him in our backyard or let the vet's office take care of the remains?
We chose to bury him in our yard. Without having a playmate around, Hazel, of course, came to mind. Would she miss him or would she even notice he wasn't around anymore? Well, for a while we thought Hazel liked having all the attention to herself, but the truth is she's lonely. She doesn't have a playmate anymore. She sleeps more and walks around the house and meows all the time. Sure we play with her and she sleeps with us more now than ever before, but we think she needs another Georgie in her life to keep her company. While we know George can never be replaced, B & I have decided to add a kitty to the Buie household in hopes of adding a little joy back into Hazel's life, as well as ours. :)
We are so happy about this decision and glad it's finally made. Now for the fun part: picking out the perfect kitty for our family!

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