Wednesday, December 1, 2010

things I'm loving right now...

our fireplace. The first thing I do in the evening is put on my yoga pants, a tshirt, my slippers and turn on the fire. I live in the leather chair in the winter. Between me, Hazel and Conner, this fireplace and leather chair is WELL used. And the funny thing is, it's actually Buie's chair he had before we were dating. But what's yours is mine, right? ;)

Dave Barnes' new Christmas CD. It is playing all the time at the Buie household. :) It makes me happy!

vintage ornaments. I picked some up while I was in Canton last month. Can't wait to show you my display.

Country Living

these adorable stockings. I'm not sure why but I have a slight obsession with stockings. If I could hang them EVERYWHERE and it still be acceptable, then I probably would! :) And yes, our pets have their own stockings, too. :)
this picture of my little Landon nephew. I took this picture of my brother, sister-in-law at Motley's tree farm a couple of weeks ago. It has been ordered in a 5x7 and will soon be on my wall in my house. I LOVE his doggie hat!

red and green M&M's. At Christmas time at my parents house you could always find red & green M&M's. Me and my daddy especially loved them. I like to keep them around our house to carry on the tradition and to have something sweet to nibble on this month. It's always a challenge to see if we can make them last til Christmas.

What are you lovin' this season?

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