Friday, December 3, 2010

Domino- Pet of the Week.

Our little foster dog, Domino, was Arkansas Democrat Gazette's Pet of the week. I'm like a proud mom... or I guess I should say AUNT since we aren't keeping Domino. But I WOULD if we could keep her. She is precious! Domino is so friendly to everyone she meets! She wants to play with everyone and everything! She loves dogs, cats, bones, balls, treats, basically anything you give her she is happy with... but especially if you give you attention. That is all she really wants.

Domino came to me through the program C.A.R.E. that my husband and I work with. C.A.R.E. found Domino as a stray in Cabot. She was wandering the streets after (we suspect) that someone dumped her when they found out she would have to have surgery on her little head. She did have a tumor on her head a few months ago but it has been removed and it was benign! Thank the Lord! There is a scar on her head but her soft hair is covering it nicely. :)

Domino is full of energy and would love a house with a playmate or several or just a faithful owner who shows her lots of love and exercises her plenty. We call her "wiggle butt" because she is ALWAYS wagging her tail and it literally shakes her whole backside. We love her so much and hope and pray she will go to the perfect family.

If you have any questions about Domino, please don't hesitate to ask. To apply for Domino you must go through the application process with C.A.R.E. Please visit their website to apply.

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