Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buie's Birthday

On Friday night we went to David's Burger, a new restaurant that just opened up in Conway. Our best friends, Jessica and Alan, are the proud new owners. :) We are so happy for them! When we drove up the parking lot was packed and the line was out the door! I squealed with delight in how well their restaurant is doing and to see it that packed was just a perfect way to celebrate great friends, life successes, and Buie's birthday.

Baby David (above) and our nephew Landon (pictured below) were our entertainment for the evening. It's crazy to think about how different our lives are now. What entertained us even a few years ago on a Friday night is so very different than what entertains us today. ;)

David's Burgers are AMAZING. They are 100% Grade A meat that are ground on site and the fries are sooo good and are freshly peeled from Idaho potatoes. Yum!

We finished off the meal with a gluten free cake made by Kelli Marks. Isn't it cute?
My husband is 33 years old! I love him!
Here's the gang! We had so much fun eating and talking and playing with the baby boys. We are so blessed with wonderful friends.

On Buie's actual birthday, which was Tuesday, I took him to Sonny William's steakhouse in downtown Little Rock and we ate to our heart's content. I can't wait to spend 100 more birthdays together with B! :)

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