Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Buies have been doing what most people have been doing this time of year... putting up Christmas decor. We have been doing ours in shifts since we don't have a lot of time off together. Earlier this week, B had a night off from work so I put him to work on the garland and lights outdoors. We had them up in no time thanks to some hand little stick on hooks I found at Target! GENIUS! :)
We picked the coldest night thus far to hang the lights but Conner and Scooter stayed snug inside as they watched us work.
I LOVE this pic I snapped while peeking through the garland and the ladder. They were so interested in what daddy was doing.
This is our second Christmas in our home and our first year to put lights on the outside. We might add some more to the columns. What do you think?
Tonight I put up the tree. I kept going back and forth about our tree. Last year we had one tree we put in the front window in B's office. But something was missing in our living room. It didn't feel Christmasy enough last year. I always think that a Christmas tree should go by the fireplace. So I was debating on whether we should have one in the window and one by the fire or just move our one tree by the fire. And then another question: IF we do get a second tree, do we get a real one or a fake one? So many questions!? Anyway, I took the easy route and just moved our one and only tree from the window into the living room and voi-la!
This was a grandmother's tree so it is so special to me, but I have decided that if we are going to have a tree by the fireplace (which we are) then next year, we MUST have a more full tree. This pencil tree is just not cutting it. This tree will be moved to the dining room next year or perhaps back to the window in B's office. :) But for now, it has found it's home here next to our fire and I love it!
And yes, all four of our animals each have a stocking that will be full of treats for Christmas! :)
And I couldn't resist snapping this one. LOVE.


Julee said...

Your house looks great!! I love the stockings of course! I love that you have one of those side table crates! I have seen those in dog books and thought they were cool! Do you use it?

Ashley Fisher :) said...

LOVE your stockings!! Such cute decorations!!