Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Win Big with your old trophies

If you're like me, you're taking advantage of this unseasonably nice July weather and doing some summer cleaning! Our garage has been a challenge ever since we moved in about three months ago. Everything that didn't have a certain place in our new home got shoved out to the garage. However, I would really like to use the garage for what it's for: storing our vehicles. So far, we have been parking our cars in the driveway and using our garage as a storage room, a very large and very hot storage room.

While cleaning our garage we have found some interesting things from my great grandmother's dishes to childhood furniture. I still have the dresser that was in my nursery and I plan to use it in our children's nursery one day. (NO, I'm not pregnant!)

When I came across these old trophies, I stopped, reminisced for a while, thinking back about when, where, and how I received each other of them. Most of them were from swim team. I think anyone who was on the swim team received one because I know I didn't win that many races. :)Another one was for "most improved student" that year. I remember struggling with classes, whether it was because of lack of discipline or just a pure hatred for homework I'm not sure, but apparently I figured out how to study enough to "improve"- of course, I'm really not sure how much studying is required in elementary school...maybe they just felt sorry for me because I didn't win any other academic awards and this was all they could come up with. Quite possible.

Anyway, I did a google search on "what to do with old trophies" and came across this article from Planet Green, "Where to donate old trophies." This article gives several options of where to send your trophies to be recycled and reused instead of sitting on a shelf or in a box collecting dust. This is definitely the path I will choose- donating.

I encourage you to clean out YOUR garage and when you DO, don't just toss what you don't want. Take the time to recycle, donate or reuse what you already have. Before I donate my childhood trophies, I might even take pictures of each of them and write a short memory about each one. That way the MEMORY is not lost but I will have more room in my garage. One day when my kids get a trophy and ask, "Mom, did YOU ever receive a trophy?"(I mean, like that SO hard to believe) I can pull out my pictures and my memories I wrote down.

So, let's recap: old memories are not lost, more room in garage, and trophy is being used for a good purpose. Everyone wins here!

Have you recycled anything cool lately? or perhaps you found something in your garage or attic that you found a new purpose for... this is also I popular form of recycling.