Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My birthday wish

July kicks off my birthday month! I am a huge fan of birthdays! I like to go all out! Last year my 25th birthday was overshadowed by our wedding, which obviously took precedence. But THIS YEAR is a new year! This year for my birthday, instead of doing presents or a big fat cake, all I'm asking is for YOU to donate to the Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts in honor (or in memory of) a special furry friend.

Buie and I recently joined up with C.A.R.E. and have volunteered to become foster parents to dogs and cats in need. We should be expecting our FIRST foster animals shortly after our mini-vacay coming up soon...(most details coming on this). We are very passionate about animals and the TREATMENT of animals. We do NOT believe in putting dogs (or cats) down just because they don't have homes. ALL animals deserve a right to have a good quality life in a proper home.

Click here to see a list of adoptable pets.

Soooo, this year for my birthday, all I'm asking for is a $26 dollar donation because that is how old I'm going to be - 26! If you can't do $26 dollars, no biggie- just donate what you can afford.

Please help me make my birthday wish come true. Click here to donate!

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Jessica said...

Sweet!!! :) I like this post!