Monday, July 13, 2009

We Made It!

One year down... a lifetime to go!!

We've been married how long, you ask? ONE YEAR! Well, actually one year plus a week or so, depending on when I actually finish this post. In celebration of the Fourth, our Anniversary, my mom's birthday, my birthday and just LIFE in general, the Buies have been on vacation! My last day of work was July 1 and I was back at work today, July 13! Oh how I love vacations!

This past year with my husband has been wonderful! People keep telling us that year one is the hardest. Well, if year one is hard then we have GOT IT MADE! Seriously though, married life has been grand! I mean, to start off this wedded bliss, we lounged in Mexico for a week! Couldn't think of a better way to start a marriage.

Upon our return to the states (and to the real world), we managed to live in a 1100 square foot condo with THREE animals and with all of our STUFF (we are both pack rats) without strangling each other! :)

We've had good times traveling together.... Good times in both of our home towns, getting to know our families better...

We purchased our first vehicle as a couple! (We are a FORD family, in case you are wondering...)We started sponsering a child from Nicaragua!

We've spent our first Christmas and our first Thanksgiving together.... We survived a flooded condo... We managed to buy appliances and actually AGREED on them! And my second favorite thing we did this year together (besides actually getting married) was buying a house!

Here's to a great first year! And many more to come!