Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Review: Antique Shopping

What could be more fun than a day of antique shop hopping! I started off at what ended up being more of a JUNK store! I had never seen anything like it. I was literally piles of junk everywhere. In the store, there was barely room to move because of all the stuff. I took a few pictures just to prove my point!
When I started feeling a little claustrophobic, I headed out back...but I quickly found junk, junk, junk, and more junk.

To me, it wasn't fun to have to dig to find things. I mean, on one hand it was kind of like looking for hidden treasure...on the other hand I kept wondering if the tetus shot I had when I was a little kid would still work after all these years. Not worth it to me, so I moved along down the road to the next antique shop which was much more visually pleasing. 8)

This store had everything categorized by items:



And this snazzy red child's bicycle that I almost bought! They had something for everyone whether a fasion diva or a cat lover. Yes, that's right-a cat lover. Check out this sweet poster!

Want to know what I ended up taking home with me? Well, that's another post. Stay tuned.


Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

you have to tell me where you were? i am on the hunt for a window project which might interest you, but i am not sharing just yet?? did you see old barn windows??

Cara Beth said...

The antique shops I went to were all up and down 1-30 in the Benton/Bryant area. I saw old stained glass windows...is that what you are looking for?

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

yes and no...i will send you a pic like what i am looking for...