Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Weekend

You know when you are so happy for someone else you can't stop crying, squealing, smiling, etc.? Well, that was me all weekend. We attended the wedding of some of our best friends: Alicia and Brian. I've known Alicia since 2005, my senior year of college and we were instant friends. We quickly decided to be roommates after college once we had both moved to Little Rock. We were roommates for a couple of years in two different places in Little Rock after college and those were some of the best times I can remember. Late night talks on the back porch, so many spontaneous dance parties at Calais apartment, plenty of cooking experiments gone bad and so much fast food it would make us shudder now! Over the years, we have watched each other grow, mature, get "big girl jobs", date plenty of losers. We've both gone through heartache but I found my guy pretty early on. It was so wonderful to watch Alicia find and fall in love with this boy named Brian. :) We all fell in love with Brian and couldn't have asked for a better guy for her.  Their wedding was a wonderful celebration of their love and the reception was so much fun. Plenty of dancing for everyone - enough to wear me out for literally two days. ha! Congratulations to one of my dearest friends - I hope y'all are having a blast on your honeymoon this week!

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