Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pool Time!

 It's starting to get hot here in Arkansas. It's not even June yet but most recent afternoons you can find the mercury hovering somewhere near almost 90 degrees already! While we are still fostering JoJo, it's hard to find things to do to entertain three of whom is VERY lively! JoJo can't really be satisfied very long with laying still. He's need entertainment. They've been playing outside a lot lately especially while I'm inside getting some editing done. While shopping at Target today, I bought a kiddie pool thinking it would be a great way to entertain these three.

JoJo jumped right in! He LOVED it! Love might even be an understatement. He kept hoping in and out of the pool, lapping up the water, splashing Scooter - it was so fun watching him. :) Scooter was a bit on the fence. He kept drinking the water and every now and then would stick a paw in. I could tell he WANTED to get in but he just wouldn't take the plunge. I even got in and tried to coax him in but it didn't work. And to no surprise Conner wouldn't even go near the pool. He likes to stay dry. Conner's my little prissy dog. :)

Well, MY two dogs might not have loved the pool but JoJo sure had a great afternoon. :) Whoever ends up keeping this little guy either needs to have a pool or a pond for him to swim in. 

I didn't get much video of them playing but here's a quick clip of JoJo I thought was cute. :)
I hope y'all are finding ways to stay cool this summer!

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